We want to know why you journal, and we want to share your why.

The mission:

  • Beginning Mother’s Day 2019, we’re starting a social media campaign called #whyijournal on our Instagram @thejournaldeck.

  • We’re highlighting real women and WHY they journal, and we’re using that public momentum to help raise awareness on the benefits of journaling and help support our new Goddess Give Back Program to benefit domestic violence survivors.

  • Through the program, 10% of all sales will now go to the Women's Center and Shelter of Greater Pittsburghmy hometown and where our decks are printed.

Why this campaign: In our experience, journaling seems to be the untapped secret to success and self care. In studies, journaling has been found to aid in everything from improved memory, immune health, emotional intelligence, to self-confidence, self-awareness, and even to help those healing from trauma and PTSD. So when I thought of how The Journal Deck could help spread the word on this gold mine + help women in need, the #whyijournal campaign seemed like the perfect way for every day women to empower other women.

Here's how you can help JD help others..(it’s super easy)

  1. Grab a marker.

  2. Get out your journal and write in a short sentence why you journal (so people can see it in a photo)

  3. Take a HORIZONTAL HEADSHOT of your gorgeous, real woman self holding up your journal entry.

  4. Fill out this form.

  5. I will post these responses on our social media and website.

  6. When you see yourself get tagged, post your pic, tag us @thejournaldeck and use the hashtag #whyijournal.