December 12, 2017- A Holiday Episode

With JD Founder, Alyssa--What are the roots of modern day Christmas traditions? How can you deal with Winter's darkness and what can we learn from it, and how do you deal with holiday blues? This is my favorite time of the year, but for a lot of folks, they struggle with the holidays and winter, and also with the way of the world right now, it doesn't feel super jolly. I've been there. 

In this episode, we talk about celebrating the light, exploring the dark, and being the light, especially in darkness, while also investigating the Pagan roots behind Christmas, which I find fascinating! I even offer up some journal prompts to keep your spirits bright and how to use these darker months to prep for 2018. 

THIS WEEK'S GIRL TALK: Why I love Christmas (it's not the gifts), Yule: The Pagan roots of Christmas traditions, The saddest Christmas of my life, How to deal with holiday blues,Winter + introspection, planning, & healing, Listening to Mother Nature, and Self care rituals + journal prompts for the Winter months


December 5, 2017

With Hilary Johnson of @hatchtribe-- Hilary had it all. The six figure job working for a very well-known company in a high level position with all the perks and parties, but she was miserable. It took some time to "wake up," but once Hilary heard the message to leave corporate altogether, she did, and she started her own business.

In this interview, Hilary is honest and upfront about her slower road to taking the big leap as she discovered who she was and what she really wanted, and she is chalk full of wisdom on what "being an entrepreneur" means to her. As an author, coach, and mentor at Hatch Tribe, Hilary is dedicated to helping women in all stages of business. Yet even if you aren't an entrepreneur, Hilary's insight and message of being true to you, is what it's all about! 

THIS WEEK'S GIRL TALK: Why she worked a dream, 6 figure job and hated it, Why taking a leap of faith took some time, The evolution of our "Why" and changing your mind, Timing & Necessary Experience, The qualities of an entrepreneur, Comparison as the thief of joy, and How has self care shifted in entrepreneurship?


November 28, 2017

With Joe Ray Phipps-- With over 125k followers on Instagram, my friend Joe knows what it's like to experience the "the dark side" of social media. Butting against the stereotype of a thin, white, ultra bendy female practicing yoga, Joe Ray uses her platform to inspire others in body positivity and mental health awareness. She is always honest and raw with her experiences and opinions, and this conversation definitely got me thinking about the boxes we place ourselves in.

THIS WEEK'S GIRL TALK:  Joe's real life experiences with online haters, How she deals with haters, Yoga stereotypes that need to stop, Instagram is NOT real life, What is a "mental health disorder,” The common link between yoga and mental disorders/health, and How yoga helped her heal.



November 21, 2017-- A Thanksgiving episode

With JD Founder, Alyssa-- You've probably heard the saying, "It is not happy people who are grateful, it is grateful people who are happy," and maybe you have pondered it or maybe it was just a passing thought, but for me, this is one of those quotes that just rings so much truth and wisdom. Yet in the USA, I can't help but feel like we've got Thanksgiving wrong in several ways, which I explain in today's episode.

I also talk about gratitude as one of the modalities that helped me heal during the hardest point in my life. When I was so sick of being sad, I decided to be grateful instead. And then I found happiness. I'll share my unique gratitude practice, and at the end you'll get a 7 MINUTE GUIDED MEDITATION! 

THIS WEEK'S GIRL TALK: Gratitude breeds happiness, Thanksgiving as a metaphor for American culture, How gratitude helped me heal, Gratitude Rants, and a guided meditation! 


November 14, 2017

With Bianca Filoteo-- Did you know that the Moon changes signs every 2-2.5 days? And that you can focus your energy on different life areas depending on which sign it is in? Crazy cool, right? Bianca and I break this down in a really easy to follow way, and I found this very illuminating as a holistic approach to plan your days, especially since the Moon is so connected to our emotions.

And on top of that, what's the overriding theme of November astrologically and energetically speaking? We're going to jam on what the Scorpio new moon has in store for you and how the Sagittarius sun sign will help you over Thanksgiving to keep it calm, even with that crazy uncle who talks politics...

THIS WEEK'S GIRL TALK: The Scorpio New Moon, Why Sagittarius is going to help you keep calm over the holidays, How to use daily moon signs to help your plan you day most effectively, and A breakdown of the daily moon sign meanings. BONUS DAILY MOON SIGN CHEAT SHEET IN THE SHOW NOTES.


October 31, 2017--A Halloween/Samhain episode

With @spiritsandsawdust-- Lauren, who has been a practicing witch for 20 years, offers practical magic for living with ghosts of all kinds, whether it's the spirit ghost giving you the creeps in your own home, your ex-boyfriend who you cannot seem to rid yourself of, or a block in your business. From magical herbalism to tarot and channeling, she offers her clients FREEDOM and EMPOWERMENT in their lives, homes, and businesses to clear negative energy and manifest the life they desire!

If you are anything like me, the woo woo world and witchcraft especially isn't something you grew up with or started exploring until the more recent years. Today's episode schooled me in what is witch, wiccan, and paganism, and I was fascinated with Lauren's expertise and offerings! +2 Simple spells/rituals for clearing or manifesting

THIS WEEK'S GIRL TALK: How she got into spirit work (it's a GREAT ghost story!), How we are ALL living with ghosts (the spirit kind and the ex-boyfriend kind), How she helps people clear their "ghosts", What's the difference between wicca, paganism, and being a witch, Her thoughts on this new acceptance of "witches" or being witchy, Who is a "witch" and what is "magic?", and Why intuition is self care.


October 24, 2017

With JD Founder, Alyssa-- This weekend I saw a dead butterfly while walking on the beach with my boyfriend at sunrise AND I wasn’t sad…let me explain! 

Piggy-backing off of the fan favorite, Episode 24: Universal Signs, on this week’s episode, I riff on the idea of what happens when you see a sign that is unsettling, isn't what you want to hear, or signifies that you have to do something really hard. Listen in to hear my perspective on what this beautiful dead butterfly meant to me and why I saw it as a good thing, not a bad omen. JOURNAL PROMPT IN THE SHOW NOTES! 

THIS WEEK’S GIRL TALK: Supportive partnerships, Why perspective is everything, Why I viewed this death as a good, not bad sign, How to deal with a scary or upsetting sign, On accepting and trusting new chapters, life shifts, and the on going process of deaths/births throughout your life.


October 17, 2017

With Bianca Filoteo-- What's the overriding themes of October astrologically and energetically speaking? Bianca is back for our new monthly astro forecasts to clue you in on the energy happening and how this may be reflected in YOUR life, what you can learn from it, and how to flow with it. After all, even though our sun sign might not be in Scorpio or Libra, we each have these Signs somewhere in our charts...

Which brings me to the fact that she not only clues us in on the duality of this month's energy, but she is also breaking down how to read your astro birth chart with my stars in Scorpio as an example. BONUS HOW TO WORKSHEET IN SHOW NOTES (it's SO good!)

THIS WEEK’S GIRL TALK: Libra & Scorpio energy meaning, Shadow side of each Sign, On dualities/the paradoxes of humanness, Reading astro birth charts, Scorpio and the Divine Feminine, and Jupiter moved into Scorpio: what does that mean for you? 

#27 Michele Burchfield- THE UNSUGAR & LIVING A PURE LIFE

October 10, 2017

With Blume Honey Water CEO-- Michele Burchfield started out in the craft beer industry in the original sales team of Sam Adams, and after 20 years of a thriving career in several beverage companies, she started Blume Honey Water in our hometown of Pittsburgh, PA. That was 15 months ago, and Blume has taken Western PA by storm and is now expanding rapidly into local health grocers near YOU! 

Michele shares her fascinating journey from beer to honey and how talking to a boys wrestling coach inspired her to create nutritious and delicious, natural hydration for adults and children. We talk a lot about why honey is different from other sugars (I was wondering the same thing), and she shares some funny stories from when starting the business, like when they had to juice 550 pounds of organic ginger unexpectedly!! Tune in for some  inspiration on what it means to live life in full blume and the joys/challenges of building a company. 

THIS WEEK'S GIRL TALK: How she started at Sam Adams beer in the 80’s, How a boy’s wrestling team inspired her, The history and health benefits of honey, The Unsugar: how how honey is processed differently in the body, The challenges & humor of starting a business, Her journey from “the burn the calories” to “fuel your body,” and Society’s evolution from Gatorade to pure hydration. Halloween Cocktail Recipes in the SHOW NOTES!


October 3, 2017

A Biz Riff with JD Founder, Alyssa--This week you're getting a behind-the-scenes look into why I didn't use Kickstarters to crowdfund even though it's the number 1 crowdfunding website AND an inside look into my feminine business mindset. This might not sound like a self care topic, but I assure you this decision came with a lot of headaches and ultimately taught me a lot about honoring myself and others.

A lot of people assume there is only one way to crowd fund, and while this is not an episode bashing Kickstarters by any means, this is my reasoning for why it didn't energetically feel like the right approach for starting this company, The Journal Deck. I'll break down my top two reasons and explain the difference between masculine and feminine businesses models and how that related to my crowdfunding platform options and ultimate decision. 

THIS WEEK'S GIRL TALK: Course correction, Masculine versus Feminine business model/approaches, What is crowdfunding and how Kickstarters works versus Celery for pre-orders, Why no sale is small and "enoughness," and Reframing success + being open to new possibilities. 



September 26, 2017

With Dr. Stefanie Painter @theshakticenter-- Have you ever wondered what your Purpose is? For Stefanie, I'm pretty sure it's to dance and inspire others to embrace their best, most natural Self, but that isn't usually easy, especially when you're trying to do what's expected of you.

In this candid interview, Stefanie walks us through her awakening journey of people pleasing and "checking off all the boxes," only to arrive at a place where she was questioning her own happiness. She also shares her opinion on doing self care versus embodying true self care and self love, and she isn't afraid to tell it like it is. Finally, her love of dance is sure to make you wanna bust a move and embrace your inner Shakti!

THIS WEEK'S GIRL TALK: Finding and following your Purpose, Her awakening moment, Living up to family expectations, What Shakti means to her, How acts of self care can be bandaids, and Why dance is life and why everyone can dance!


September 19, 2017

With JD Founder, Alyssa-- How many times have you heard someone say, "It's a sign," and if you're like me, you definitely believe in them! But sometimes it's easier than others to believe that the Universe is really listening to you, let alone talking to you. My hope for this episode is for you to start believing or simply rekindle your belief in Signs. 

In this episode, I will share several very personal experiences with Signs from the Universe and my body, how they have helped me make HUGE and HARD decisions, and I'll even let you in on my own personal universal sign. 

THIS WEEK’S GIRL TALK: What’s a #weirdnotweird moment, The first time I asked for a Sign, How a Sign helped me make a HUGE relationship decision, and How my Period proved to be a very telling Sign.



September 12, 2017

Most of us know our horoscope, or our Sun sign, but many of us, me included until recently, are not aware of our Moon sign. What is it? What does it mean? How does it inform your personality, emotional state, and self care?

It seems like everyone is obsessed with the feminine Moon these days, and by knowing your time of birth, birth day, and location, you can discover your Moon Sign. This week we dive deep and break down how you can best practice self care, health, and fitness based on whether your Moon is a water, fire, earth, or air element sign! This is a seriously juicy conversation filled with so many interesting bits!

THIS WEEK'S GIRL TALK: Moon Signs vs. Sun Signs vs. Rising Signs, Self care based on your Moon Sign/element, How a health scare led to astrology, Why Bianca walked away from acting for nutrition and astrology, Why Astrology isn't "predicting the future," and her beautiful daily Moon journaling practice.


September 5, 2017

With Shannon Gomez @therebeldeck-- Sometimes you need a swift smack on the face. A wake-up call. A "Get your sh*t together" pep talk from a friend, or in this case, a tarot deck. 

The Rebel Deck is an oracle card/tarot deck like no other. With its salty and in-your-face messages like "Your ass needs to go to yoga," you are sure to pull exactly what you need when soft, sweet, and magical isn't the inspiration you need that day! Life's all about paradoxes and balance, right? We even joked that the Journal Deck is your soft side and the Rebel Deck is your darker side! 

THIS WEEK'S GIRL TALK: Finding a creative support team, The Rebel Deck birth story, Embracing your “darker” side, Her fears on going against the norm, Why chanting is her fav. form of meditation, and Her fav form of journaling style.


August 29, 2017

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to have all the luck? Why things just happen for them with ease? Well, I think my most recent guest, Kelley Knight aka @modernmystic_tarot, and I would have to agree that it's NOT luck, it's alignment. It's Truth.

Kelley runs a successful "magic" shop in Atlanta, Georgia called Modern Mystic Shop, and I so enjoyed hearing about her swift road to success that includes Usher and Uma Thurman walking into her shop like nbd!

THIS WEEK'S GIRL TALK: The swift, synchronistic success of her Modern Mystic Shop, Universal timing and releasing control, Her journey from spiritual to physical body healing, Healing your family line, blame, and trauma in the body, and Kundalini Yoga. PLUS Kelley drops tons of her favorite things from tarot decks to books, trainings, and energy healing to try--find them in the show notes!


August 22, 2017- A Special Edition Solar Eclipse Episode

How do you define Grace? What does it mean to you? Do you know what it means? After talking to other women about this subject and after discussing it on my recent yoga retreat, I realized that many people don't understand what Grace actually means. It seems like it's this esoteric concept of the past that I've only recently come to understand better after breaking off an engagement.

So this week I jam on one of my favorite words, Grace, and how it relates to this week's special Solar Eclipse! 

THIS WEEK'S GIRL TALK: What is Grace, What does it look and feel like, What this Solar Eclipse means for us all, Water as a metaphor for feminine energy, What is feminine versus masculine energy, How the feminine energy is rising right now because the world needs it, and Softness and Fierceness as one.  


August 15, 2017

I feel a straight up soul-sister connection with this lady even though we have never met. I met her through my other gal pal, Allie (podcast episode #5), and it was an insta soul sister crush without a doubt! She's got so much heart and I know without a doubt you are going to love hearing her unique perspective on Self Care + she's a dedicated Journaler

Now a co-host of the popular Podcast, Truth and Dare, which I was interviewed on as well, Carly dives deep about subjects that many of us women shy away from. From periods, to the power of the pussy, body image, manifesting dreams, our sex lives, and even pooping, she is NOT afraid to divulge in authentic conversation and empower women all over to live their Truth and Dare to change! 

THIS WEEK'S GIRL TALK: Self care as a buzz word, The divine threesome you are always in, Self care as a manifestation bridge, Her fav subject to talk about, How Oprah turned her life around, Her first eye-opening meditation experience, How she’s moving onto a sailboat, and Why she’s obsessed with her journal!


 August 8, 2017

Kate is one of my go-to gal pals when I have a question about holistic health and clean eating. Kate has always been honest and real about her disordered past eating, getting her hormones balanced from pre-puberty levels, adrenal fatigue, and even gut health. 

She used to be a coaching client of mine, and I am so grateful to have continued our relationship as our lives have evolved and changed quite a bit- she is even a super new mom now! Kate is one of the sweetest people I know, and she really does want to educate others with her passionate knowledge so that we may all live happy and healthy lives! You are sure to learn something tangible to take away from our first foodie episode!

THIS WEEK'S GIRL TALK: Mind body spirit balance, quitting sugar, juicing correctly, disordered eating + working out, her process to heal her adrenals, hormone balancing, stress and periods, taking baby breaks to be a better mom and better You, on grace, and the number #1 Vitamin she recommends to everyone. BONUS: Adrenal Health Creamsicle Recipe + "Finding Grace" Journal Prompt! Listen in.


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July 25, 2017 

Money. Some people hate it, some people love it. The fact of the matter is that you can't escape a need for money in this world, BUT that doesn't make it a necessary evil; in fact, Kathrin, coach, author, and manifesting expert of Manifestation Babe, seeks to help women in rewriting their relationship with money. Money as your best friend. Money as even your husband

These are the kinds of radical, thought-provoking conversations we had in this episode, and I think it is absolutely CRUCIAL for all women to hear! I myself struggled with my money story, so I know first hand that your mindset is vastly important to manifesting both physical, emotional, and spiritual abundance!

THIS WEEK'S GIRL TALK: The history of money as masculine, expanding your mind to many money possibilities, how to serve and stay high vibe even with poverty and negativity in the world, “selfish to be selfless,” your money story, how to rewrite your Relationship with money as a friend, why you need to budget and track your money, life-changing money affirmations, doing things for free and under-charging, and nature as a metaphor for money.

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#16 Mary Beth LaRue- YOGA OFF THE MAT

July 18, 2017 

Mary Beth is one of those people who even though they teach hundreds, if not thousands at festivals like Wanderlust, still feels so down-to-earth. As I happened to walk past her at Wanderlust Snowshoe, I recognized her and thought, "There is no way she will remember me from 3 years ago and from Instagram." But sure enough, she stopped mid sentence and came over and gave me a hug! Is that legit or what?

MB is a co-founder + coach over at Rock Your Bliss, in which you may remember that her counterpart Jacki Carr was on episode #9. Aside from slaying it over in bliss land, she also teaches yoga at Wanderlust Hollywood and at several Wanderlust Festivals and 108s. Dream career, am I right? This woman is sure to make you wanna be her friend, and I was so pumped to talk 1:1 with her after girlboss-crushing since I met her 3 years ago. 

THIS WEEK'S GIRL TALK: Not shoulding on your meditation practice, yoga off the mat, how she created a full time yoga career, how she got over her fear of public speaking to teach hundreds, how internal work leads to external shifts, and reactionary self care versus proactive self care.

Enter your info to listen in. 

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July 11, 2017 

I always say that my whole life is living in the grey area. Nothing about me is black and white. I meditate and I've jammed out to Ke$ha. I pray and I've danced on a stripper pole in college for fun. I drink green juice and I love Tennessee honey and stout beers. 

Venus, a fitness coach, animal flow instructor, and fitness model residing in LA, jammed with me about this exact topic-- the grey area. We put people in boxes, and yet as humans we are so much more dynamic and complex than the labels we and others assign us. The Yogi. The Gymrat. The Nerd. 

From the time she was 13 she belonged to a gym and knew that fitness would be a part of her life, and this was reconfirmed when both of her parents passed away from cancer. Venus is refreshingly real, and she continues to break stereotypes of the Cali girl, the Asian girl, and even the fitness chick. Why? Because she knows that she's all of that and more, and she'll be sure to inspire you.

THIS WEEK'S GIRL TALK: What the heck is Animal Flow, being honest with yourself, the grey area, living life with ANDS not either ors, surrounding yourself with people who accept you, rather than just those exactly like you, and being who you are not what’s expected of you.

Enter your info to listen in. 

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July 4, 2017-  A Holiday Edition Hostful Episode 

Independence, what feelings or emotions does that evoke for you? What about in the context of a relationship? I am SO stoked to release my first ever SOLO podcast episode (hope to do some more in the future if ya'll love it!) where I'm discussing codependence, independence, and interdependence in honor of Independence Day in the USA.

After having personally gone through a HUGE breakup after ten years together, I've been through each of these 3 stages of relationships in my life, and I wanted to share my opinions and experiences thus far. Why? Because as author Danielle Laporte says, "Relationships are everything..." 

In this podcast, I will guide you through each kind of relationship by explaining my story with that stage as context + providing corresponding journal prompts.  I so hope you appreciate the thought and authenticity that went behind the recording of this solo podcast, and if it helps clarify something for you or moves you in some way, then I've done my job. Remember to honor where you are and always always always practice deep self love and acceptance.

Enter your info to listen in! Download available.

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#13 Brittany Hoogenboom- ENERGY WORK TO HEAL YOUR LIFE

June 27, 2017

I was super stoked to have an energy worker on the podcast who specializes in chakras and crystals, but also has a background in western medicine as a physical therapist's assistant. Brittany's passion for energy work and helping others is palpable, and her explanation of all things energy work is easy to understand in layman's terms, yet it doesn't undercut the sacred practices. 

If you are curious about how energy work has a place in the western medical world, or how the chakras could be playing a role in your very own life or healing, then you'll really enjoy this episode! A couple of topic's on the table are: what energy work is, how energy can heal physical and emotional trauma, over active, under active and aligned chakras, the rise of energy work in the medical world, manifesting your dream schedule, and accepting your feelings as they are. 

I even did a live sample consultation with Brittany about my chronic low back pain to showcase how she works with clients! Listen in to tune into your body, mind, and spirit, and be sure to join the 40k other folks following her on Instagram at @ladiboomyogini.


Enter your info to listen in! Download available.

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June 20, 2017

The coolest thing unexpectedly happened on this call…I GOT A LIVE MEDIUM READING! An entrepreneur from a young age, Devin figured out quickly that the 9-5 wasn’t going to work for her, so after a a few twisty turns and leaving the Army, she found herself divorced and remarried to the man of her dreams, with 2 babies, and divination front and center in her life as a Medium/Intuitive, Business Coach, and creator of the I Am Power Deck. 

We jam about how she created the I AM Power deck + 2 other decks, she gives me a Live medium reading, she  explains her take on being an “Intuitive” versus a Medium, how you too are intuitive, what’s a spirit guide?, her on again off again relationship with Journaling, and using journaling to process, not just to purge.

Devin has successfully ran Mystic Moons Tarot for 4+ years, and her newest shop, Love, Light and Legacy is run by herself and her husband, and it’s celebrating its 1 year anniversary this month of June 2017. For Devin, it’s about inspiring herself first, inspiring her kids, inspiring her husband, and hopefully inspiring you- because YOU can do anything! 

Enter your info to listen in! Download available.

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June 13, 2017 

Cortney leads international yoga retreats and also has a global audience on Cody App, but she is continuing to spread her message with the #jdtribe! Listening to this episode is bound to strike a cord with you in some way. We talk about soooo much goodness and Cortney's perspective and experience with self care really gives you some practical takeaways to approach self care exactly where you are in your journey and body.

Cortney was introduced to me by previous Podcast guest #2, Emily Cassel, and I cannot wait for you to hear Cortney's beautiful words of wisdom. When two yoga teachers talk, it's bound to be awesome! 

In this week's episode, we discuss scheduling self care, letting go of multi-tasking, necessary boundaries- Play, Business, and Romance, Instagram comparison and competition, her yoga journey to advanced asana, how she made it onto the Cody App, journaling for coping and finding creative sparks, and even writing hand-written letters. 

Enter your info to listen in! Download available.

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June 6, 2017- Dropping tonight! 

This woman was the first person outside of my family who I told about my idea for The Journal Deck. I was like, "Is this crazy? And if it isn't, do you happen to know a printer?" I asked because she's also a published author, along with being a yoga teacher and studio owner (I teach yoga there!). Don't we all need friends in our lives who listen to our weird thoughts and ideas? I think so! 

In this week's episode, we talk about  the holy art of saying NO, how her dad’s brain injury impacted her life for better and for worse, skewed views of optimism and positivity, yoga as Truth, and even why she looks up to Jimmy Buffet (yes, you read that right!)

This one is for the amazing women in your life who hear you out and see you for who you are. Listen in to have a refreshing conversation that is sure to have your head nodding in agreement! 

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May 30, 2017

Have you ever looked up to someone a whole lot? You just totally love everything that they do and feel really connected to their message, their business, or how they live their life? Well that's how I feel about Jacki Carr of Rock Your Bliss, which is why I thought I was over my head when I decided to reach out to her for a podcast interview, even though we had met about 3 years prior...

Lucky for me, the Goal Coach, Writer, Motivational Speaker, and Mama to Evergreen said hell yes, and I was in my own little bliss bubble while recording! #goalsalive as Jacki would say...

This episode is pretty jam packed with goodness, but some of the topics are self care as a choice, not a should, The Sacred Pause, yoga as a metaphor for her self-evolution, motherhood, body image and role modeling, legacy, and Jacki's messy journaling practice.

From teaching hundreds at Lululemon, to leading sold-out retreats in tree-houses, and speaking at Patagonia HQ, I am HONORED to have Jacki on this podcast, and I think you'll love her too!

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May 23, 2017

This week's episode is pretty cool because I interviewed the very woman who will be hand making ALL of the JD limited edition mala necklaces in the ultimate self care bundle which includes the deck + the mala at an insanely amazing deal! Listen in to hear the crystals we used and what they mean for you!

I've know Hannah, the creator of Malabella Jewels, through Instagram for a while now, and as fellow girl bosses and free spirits, we totally get each other. So I knew that when it came time to decide who I wanted to collaborate with for making these special malas for the #jdtribe, I knew Hannah was my girl! 

Hannah started creating malas during college as a way to help her anxiety and depression through Japa meditation, and after creating her first mala, she instantly knew that this was the path for her. She now creates malas for yogis and mindful Bellas all over the world. 

In this episode, we chat being gentle with yourself, what are mala beads and how to use them in meditation, the power of intentions and manifesting, Hannah’s badass Meditation + Journaling method (you’ll want to steal this!), and crystal meanings. So much magic. BONUS: Special 20% discount code when you listen!

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May 16, 2017

Kiera was at home giving her baby boy a bath when the idea for Little Box of Rocks, basically flower bouquets but with crystals in a box, came to her. After only two months of opening, she was catapulted into being a full out girlboss from being a stay-at-home mom after Gwyneth Paltrow got ahold of her product! Wanna hear how? You gotta listen in! 

Her idea was novel, her passion palpable, and I instantly connected with her warm energy. In this week’s episode we talk about lightning bolt moments, wanting more outside of motherhood, synchronicity, and saying yes to you. 

You are going to feel so inspired to pursue your passion and believe in miracles after this one! Be sure to check out the beautiful crystal bouquets, including the totally cool Stardust Collection which features birthday crystals based on the recipient’s zodiac sign.

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May 9, 2017

Have you ever wondered what the heck a Priestess is? Or do you have a desire to do business differently than the typical business model? Do you crave beautiful things and love the simple art of say, arranging flowers? Do you believe that life is actually quite magical for those who wish to see it? 

I met Rachael virtually about two years ago on Instagram and instantly was attracted to her mystical essence and ability to see magic in all things. It's this ability to live intentionally that really sets her a part from a lot of folks, I believe, and I cannot wait for you to unlock this juicy, slightly woo woo, yet still totally approachable episode that has some seriously "whoa" moments. At one point you literally might hear me just pause because I am soaking in what was just said. Maybe you'll feel it too...

We jam about what a priestess and spiritual business coach are and how that applies to you, the intersection of art and business, the importance of soul sisters and community, and much more!

Live clearing + grounding meditation included in the episode!

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#5 Allie Van Fossen- CONSCIOUS LIVING 

MAY 2, 2017 

This woman, Allie, is one of my greatest inspirations right now as I pursue this Journal Deck endeavor. Why you may ask? Because she built a dedicated Live Your Journey community in just a few years that simply adores her (and for good reason), she gives before she receives, she brought over 500 people into her first paid online program the Body, Mind, Soul Detox, yet she's humble, and she did this all while holding down a corporate job, which she has since left to sail the world with her husband and continue to share her journey with you all. F'ing amazing, right?! 

This week we have what Allie called a conscious conversation about being an ‘“awake” versus “asleep” person, her evolution from external living to more internal living and what that looks and feels like, her 2 biggest principles for cultivating a beautiful life, and her interpretation of “working out.”

Knowledge is dropped, f bombs are spoken, yet it all unfolds into an insanely fun, conscious chat between two awake ladies. Listen in to find out what that means + more! 

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APRIL 25, 2017

This week is all about self care (duh!), but from a girlboss and mommy-to-be perspective. Nikki Aliseo is the owner and head creator of JIVA, an apparel brand built on the idea that what you wear should express how you want to feel and inspire adventure. From leggings, to bikinis, lounge wear, yoga towels, and bra tops, JIVA is hands down one of my favorite yoga pants to wear both on and off the mat, and I used to work for JIVA back in the day, so I can honestly say that Nikki is not only insanely talented and passionate, but also genuinely down- to-earth.

What started as two sisters sewing yoga pants in their kitchen, has blossomed into a full-blown successful lifestyle brand, and I wanted to know how Co-founder Nikki does it all while taking care of herself and currently being pregnant with her first child. Hence, this interview covers all kinds of good stuff from girlboss to baby bump, why Nikki views shopping as self care, and even a random tangent on horoscopes. (where my Fire signs at?!)

Whether you're a business owner, a mama-to-be, or if you're simply looking for how to foster more balance in your life (more like perfectly imperfect balance), then this episode is for you!

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Enter your info to listen in! Download available.

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APRIL 18, 2017

This week we talk with the inspirational Julie Cerrone, a holistic health coach, auto immune and psoriatic arthritis warrior, patient empowerer, and health activist blogger of the Twitter award winning itsjustabadday.com.

Despite being diagnosed with arthritis and avascular necrosis (deterioration of the femur) and being placed on disability for over 3 years at such a young age, Julie remains utterly VIBRANT and full of life! You cannot help but be inspired by her story. 

This week we chat about the highs and lows of life and overcoming deep challenges, saying Yes to you, taking your hands for granted and the impact of writing it out in your journal, and so much more! 

Julie went from a chronically ill mindset to being chronically grateful, and you can too! Snag her free CHRONICALLY GRATEFUL 30 DAY CHALLENGE HERE. (please note, this is especially helpful for those with health issues but anyone can use it.)

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#2 Emily Cassel- TUNING IN TO YOU

APRIL 11, 2017

In the second week of our Tuesday interview series, I chat with soulful leadership + business coach, and my soul sister, Emily Cassel. As a full time coach to ambitious women, she is sure to inspire you in ALL things self care; I literally could not do a self care series without including this woman! 

This week's episode discusses the one internal self care tip that leads to all external self care practices, according to Emily. We also dive deep into her college days where "self care" looked a whole lot different and was a lot more taxing on the body, and yet unfortunately, it's still how many of us operate. Overall, she teaches us her approach to self care in a Divine Feminine aspect, embracing all things ease and flow.


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#1 Vanessa Checchio- HUSTLING WITH HEART

APRIL 4, 2017

In the very first weekly episode of The Self Care Spotlight, I chat with my dear friend, Vanessa Checchio, who also happens to be a BADASS personal trainer who was just fan voted by the Hoboken Girl Blog as the #1 personal trainer. She trains full time and is also a contributing author for The Tough Mudder. 

In this episode, this down-to-earth girlboss dives deep with me into the concept of, "Is self care selfish?" There's a lot of laughs in this one, but Vanessa also has a lot of wisdom to share after years of hustling with heart to get where she is today, doing what she loves, and taking care of others to be their strongest selves! 

We even talk about the "yoga bum" in this real talk interview, and if you desire that booty for yourself, Vanessa has got you the hook up girl with her FREE "In Dem Jeans" squat regimen and workout log.