Inspired by a deep belief in the power of heart-centered conversations, introspective journaling, movement + spirituality to create internal space, and mama nature to help women heal, remember and unlock their feminine wisdom and radiance that has been suppressed for too long.

Join me August 16-19 (check in 5:30pm, first dinner at 6:45, check out 10am) for a long weekend retreat near Ohiopyle State Park, PA to disconnect in order to reconnect to your feminine mind, body, heart, and spirit through a daily Kundalini meditation, Vinyasa Flow classes, intuitive dance classes, journaling, group discussion, radiance embodiment activities, and group nature excursion all in the company of like-minded women and only 2 hours outside of Pittsburgh.

WHY I MADE THIS RETREAT:  2016 was the hardest year of my life after breaking off an engagement, but I found wholeness, healing, deep self love, gratitude, abundance, and learned to embody my innate feminine radiance through meditation, yoga, journaling, and reconnecting with Mother Nature, which inspired me in 2017 to create The Journal Deck and its basis in self care. I feel called to share these healing techniques with other women in person to truly embrace your most radiant life- unapologetically!


Wake up

Healthy Breakfast

Morning lecture, group shares, and journaling assignment

Vinyasa Flow class 

 Kundalini Guided Meditation


Free Time or Group river outing or Hike

Group Activity

Dinner Prep/Dinner 

Intuitive Dance Class

Campfire/bed time


  • Your stay at a beautiful cottage (beds first come, first serve)

  • Vinyasa yoga daily (outdoors on a deck)

  • An Intro to Kundalini yoga

  • Guided Kundalini meditations

  • Intuitive Dance Classes

  • Official Radiance Retreat Workbook

  • Daily journal prompts via The Journal Deck

  • Radiance embodiment activities (ex. flower crown workshop)

  • All inclusive, vegetarian meals

  • Daily lecture/conversation in a safe, sacred space

  • Cozy campfires on the private property and ample stargazing

  • Hot tub

  • Extra Down time  this year to do as you please--read, write, sun bathe, etc.

  • Afternoon excursion to the river

  • Swag bag


“We practiced soulfully in the open air of nature, and flowed through beautiful, feminine poses with grace. Alyssa slowed us down, having us close our eyes and imagine we were flowing through honey. “
— Emily W. 2016 & 2018 Retreater


  • The woman who wants to reconnect to her innate feminine radiance.

  • The woman who feels burnt out and seeks a softer, more pleasurable paradigm of success.

  • The woman who wants self care to be her lifestyle, not an after thought.

  • The woman who wants to feel like a goddess in an out of the bedroom.

  • The woman who wants to feel confident, electric.

  • The woman who may be in the process of healing.

  • The woman who needs to unplug.

  • The woman who seeks inspiration and flow in her life.

  • The woman who wants to deepen her connection to herself and trust in the Universe.

  • The woman with an open mind.

  • The woman who wants to more deeply connect with other women.

  • The woman who wants to put herself first.


  • Close-minded women who cannot see the value in inner, spiritual work.

  • Judgmental women.

  • Women who are not ready to own their part in their happiness.

  • Passive aggressive women.

  • Hyper negative women.

  • Women who are not willing or ready to get uncomfortable.

  • Women who are only there to do yoga. (this is so much more than a yoga retreat)

  • Women who are not willing to share and listen equally.

  • Those who aren’t willing or ready to do the work.

To Alyssa & all of the ladies who attended: thank you so much for this retreat!
It’s not easy for me to open up and trust new people. You created a safe and friendly environment for the rest of the women and me. This retreat was so much more than the yoga, journaling and meditation. I learned to trust more, take more risks, and pursue my dreams with confidence!
Thank you, ladies; I will never forget you all and this experience we shared together!
— Laura J. 2017 Retreater
During this retreat, I was forced to “check in.” I couldn’t numb myself with alcohol, drugs, music, and the many other mindless activities one could partake in. I was asked to face my fears head on, but with self-acceptance and love. I was asked to say “I love myself” out loud. While I cried and took several minutes to say it, I did it, and I did it desperately overcoming fear. I met 7 amazing women during this journey...We cooked, wrote in journals, meditated, chanted, danced, practiced yoga, and above all… connected fearlessly. I left this retreat still with anxiety and vulnerability, but I also left with courage, acceptance, and a sense of connection. When leaving the retreat everyone hugged, and one beautiful soul looked me in the eye and said, “you are beautiful.” My eyes filled with tears.
— Courtny K. 2016 Retreater


What’s the age range?

We have old soul women in their early 20’s to women awakening later in life in their mid to late 40’s. Truly age is just a number and it’s the energy that you bring to the group.

Do I need to have done yoga before?

Although I offer modifications, I will not be breaking down basic poses therefore some asana experience is preferred. Perhaps go to some basics classes or check out my monthly free yoga classes (see bottom of page) to get your footing by the time of retreat. Advanced practitioners not required.

I don’t feel feminine…

If calling yourself a goddess feels weird, you’re not alone. That’s why many of the women are here! I used to think ‘goddess’ was mumbo jumbo. No worry, by the end you’ll have a solid understanding of feminine living to bring into your daily life.

Is this a spiritual or religious retreat?

I would NEVER call this a religious retreat, but certainly a spiritual journey. If you are not open-minded or unwilling to “do the inner work,” then this retreat isn’t for you. You’ll do it when you’re ready.

I can’t dance…

First, dance experience NOT required. Second, EVERYONE can dance! Babies move to a beat.You’ve just gotten a bit stuck and we will work to unlock that feminine, shakti energy to get your hips swaying and find that flow. You just gotta have fun and let go. The ladies loved it!

How can I connect with the other women before hand?

Once most of the women are signed up, we will have a private Facebook group to get to know each other. This is also an awesome place to perhaps make a connection to carpool.



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Payment option 1: Pay in full and save

$592 via check or Venmo (Venmo @alyssakuzins)

Payment option 2: Payment Plan

4 or 5 monthly payments of $158 or $126.40 via check or Venmo (Venmo @alyssakuzins)

Full Payment Due Date + Cancellation Policy (PLEASE READ):

Note that payment is due in full by August 2nd, regardless of when you make your first monthly payment if you take option 2. Therefore, all sign ups must also be before August 2nd in order to ensure that I have adequate time to prepare for the full amount of guests. (Please reach out to me personally if you pass this date and would still like to sign up if there's room). Also, there is a strict cancellation policy that requires you to notify me by July 16th that you will NOT be attending the retreat in order to receive a full refund of all but $100. Otherwise, if you cancel after that date, you will need to pay for half of the retreat price.

In the meantime, enjoy this yummy playlist for retreat vibessss…