Flow it out - Free IGTV Space Breaks

Beginning Friday September 6th, Alyssa will release 10 minute Space Breaks, as she calls them. These will include yoga movements + journaling to close. They will be held on IGTV @thejournaldeck.

we move. we journal. we clear.

So what is a Space Break? It’s a moment to stop what you’re doing and get out of your head to feel refreshed and reset. It could be taking a yoga class mid day or simply dancing it out to one song in your living room. Most of us are energetically, not physically, tired. A Space Break is an opportunity to use the body as a gateway to rest the mind and access deeper insights while getting a natural energy boost. Taking a cue from how our Central Nervous System actually works, this is why Alyssa teaches on the premise of move then meditate or move then journal. Alyssa is a vinyasa yoga instructor in Pittsburgh, PA with additional training in Kundalini and Yoga for Trauma.

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If you’re used to a structured, traditional vinyasa routine, you’re in for an awakening! Alyssa adds feminine flow to traditional yogic movement that will stir up your energy and ignite your inner sensuality, leaving you more aware and more in love with your body than ever. Moving with Alyssa is more than just a workout, it’s a re-calibration of my connection with my body.
— Emily W.