Hi, I’m Alyssa.

Your personal self care mentor. Despite what you might think, I didn’t discover journaling until I was in my early twenties, so I know what it’s like to not really know where to start or how to make it a part of your regular self care practice. I also know from personal experience (and pretty much every self help book to there), that journaling is an essential mindfulness tool to help you slow down, find clarity, destress, discover who you really are, and even heal. Hence the reason I created this two-part Starter Package including a journal prompts worksheet pack + self care calendar. I’m here to guide you, support you, and show you the power of journaling.

Shall we start your journal practice?

Let’s build a healthy habit.

Your Journaling Starter Package

Part 1: Journal Prompt WORKSHEETS

These journal prompts have been hand-selected from our OG Journal Deck to get you going in your journaling practice. All habits start somewhere, and habits are only strengthened through repetition (I know, blah). Below are 5 journal prompts. Your goal is to do one every day, for five days. Start with Day 1, or keep it oracle style like The Journal Deck and randomly choose one as if it were our card deck.

Day 1 JD prompt

Day 2 JD prompt

Day 3 JD prompt

Day 4 JD prompt

Day 5 JD prompt

Our Founder Alyssa with our first edition deck.

Our Founder Alyssa with our first edition deck.

journaling starter new (1).png

Part 2: Self Care Calendar

Want to make sure you keep your journaling and other self care habits going? I’ve designed a calendar that has nothing to do with your work schedule. This printable Self Care Calendar is ONLY for you to track your self care, including journaling.

But like I said, new habits are built from one thing: repetition. And once the shiny fun of your new habit wears off, you’ll need something to ground you back into your practice and keep your brain motivated. That’s why you’ll use this calendar to intentionally add self care into your day, in big ways and in small ways.

So what counts as self care? Basically anything that brings you JOY! Journaling, yoga, meditation, dance breaks, spin classes, running, kickboxing, drinking all your water, giant salads, green juice, exfoliating, baths, reading, girlfriend dates, great sex, etc.

Think "sustainable" self care. And every time you track your self care, it’s like a mini dopamine happy hit for your brain. You might just be surprised at what you see and discover about yourself!


OPTION 1) Plan. At the beginning of your day, week, or month tentatively plan out how you will build self care into your schedule. Maybe it's planning out your morning journal days or yoga evenings. Or maybe you block off an entire afternoon to intentionally sit down and read or take a bath. You do you. 

OPTION 2) Track. At the end of the day, log what you did for yourself. For example, track your five days of these journal prompts. It's like the "How did I take care of myself today?" list. Perhaps one day you write in “15 min journaling, 30 min yoga, 2 mile hike, bed-time reading,” but another day it's as simple as “went to bed early, ate healthy, meditated for 5 min.” Every day is different, but every day you are deserving of self care. At the end of the day/week/month, you'll have a snap shot of how you did, and you may just learn something about yourself. I prefer to use this option