Hi, I’m Alyssa.

Your personal yoga teacher and self care advocate. So let’s talk Divine Feminine. What is it? The Divine Feminine is simply a feminine energy with its counter-part being the Divine Masculine. Both exist within all genders and we need both to thrive. Yet in our patriarchal Western society, the masculine energy has dominated, leading to burn out and constant doing over being, but it wasn’t always this way. The feminine used to be honored as well, and we are currently in the age of the rise of the feminine where both energies can once again be seen as equals.

Professionally I have used the energy of the Divine Feminine to guide women in tapping into their most radiant selves as a part of a self care lifestyle. This work has given myself, my students, and my clients the confidence and courage to live their Truth. Hence the reason I created this three-part Awaken the Goddess Kit including a yoga class with post savasana journaling, “rose” visualization, and divine feminine Kundalini meditation. I’m here to guide you, support you, and show you the power of tapping into your radiant goddess energy to ignite your life.

Shall we awaken your Goddess within?

Let’s dive deep together.

Your Awaken the Goddess Kit

PART 1- Body: Vinyasa Yoga class


In this online class, we’ll move to clear out stuck, stagnant energy and recalibrate your body to find your flow. Graceful yet strong. Soft yet fierce. Mindful yet creative. Think of it like a moving meditation. Post savasana journaling from the Goddess Journal Deck included.

PART 2- mind: “She of the Rose” visualization


In this audio visualization, we’ll use our imaginations and envision the essence of the rose to reconnect us with our feminine energy. Think light, beauty, and zen.

PART 3- spirit: divine feminine meditation


With both video and how-to worksheets, in this guided Kundalini meditation, you’ll tune into the energy of the divine feminine that lives within all of us and connects us to our primal creative power, our intuition, and the ability to be present, surrender and trust.

Awaken the Goddess Library


PLEASE NOTE: This class was previously recorded as a free gift to those who pre-ordered the JD Goddess Edition.




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Flow it out - Free Monthly Online Yoga Class

Yoga, like journaling, is a game-changer in the self-care department. In just one yoga class you get the opportunity to think about nothing else but being on your mat It’s about getting out of your head and dropping into your body.

Unite your body with your breath in a vinyasa “flow” yoga class with me, Alyssa, as your teacher. Yup, I’m also a yoga instructor, and I believe yoga is a moving meditation that helps us slow down, tune in, and clarify. Come flow with me in my signature “soft yet fierce” style every month, in the comfort of your home - for free. Seriously. All levels welcome. AND BONUS? I pull a Journal Deck prompt at the end after savasana for some post-yoga high vibe, clarified journaling. Move your body. Calm your mind. Touch your spirit.