#85 The Power of Vital Force Energy with Rajshree Patel

What is it about some people that makes them feel magnetic? Why do some people comes across as so alive and successful, while others are struggling to get by and constantly exhausted? According to meditation and mind expert, Rajshree Patel, it’s about Vital Force, i.e. life force energy. This book has changed the game for me; it has impacted how I go about my self care practices and how I teach. It all comes down to Energy Intelligence. We’ll talk about Rajshree’s former life as an LA prosecutor to how she is now one of the founding teachers of the world-renowned Art of Living Retreat Centers. Today’s topics include: what is Vital Force and how to cultivate it, Shiva and Shakti, Big Mind vs. head space, why mindfulness meditation may not be for you, the art of no focus attention, and conscious journaling. She even offers up her favorite breath work exercise and has a free bonus course offering (offer expires October 1, 2019) to walk you through the book’s teachings on a deeper level.

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