#84 SEASON 4: Somatic Experiencing and Healing Trauma with Reita Johnston

Welcome to the Fall 2019 season! This season, we're focusing on healing, and we begin with trauma. That might seem like a heavy topic for starting a season, but just like the leaves, fall is a season to let go. We face the dark to go towards the light. And speaking of trauma, we have all experienced it. Trauma is defined by something feeling unexpected, unprepared, and felt out of your control. But despite the fact that many of us deal with trauma and live in chronic low level stress in our daily lives, we're often not taught how to process it in a healthy manner or we feel shame or guilt for needing time to heal. In today's episode, I'm joined by Reita Johnston to talk about Somatic Experiencing and looking to the body for cues to healing. Just like animals, we have built in systems to heal from traumatic experiences, we have just forgotten how. 

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