#83 Wounded Feminine: Being Seen & Giving Yourself Permission

Have you ever felt like you were too much? Have you every felt scared to put the real you out there and be seen? Have you ever felt shameful about your self expression, your sensuality or worried about looking egotistical? Are you afraid of changing because of what others may think or say? This is wounded Feminine energy. She often lives underneath wounded Masculine energy. We all have both energies inside of us and yet we struggle to embrace our wholeness because we often feel fear, shame, and guilt around releasing our femininity and sensuality: i.e. being seen. Alyssa shares her personal journey into how we can move through this process. She also announces her new member-based intuitive movement workshops- FEMME PGH! 

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FEMME PGH + invocation

  • Want the juicy scoop on FEMME PGH + free audio to invoke your femme?

  • Early bird launches the week of August 11th for 1 week only. I'm calling in 14 women to be SEEN.

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