#82 Provence to Paris: Fighting for Your Joy and Healing

Bonjour! Summer is the season of vacations, and even if you love what you do, we all need space. Every now and again you need a vacation to step back into your center, have ZERO to-do lists (not even a self care agenda) and reset. I went to France with my husband on a delayed honeymoon/1 year anniversary from June 15-25, 2019, and I didn’t open my computer once in 2 weeks! It was lovely. In this episode, I share on how we almost didn't go (it’s a CRAZY story), my thoughts on self care while vacationing, social media anxiety, universal signs, and remembering that everything is figureoutable (thanks Marie Forleo). This trip was everything I needed, and it reminded me that sometimes we have to fight for our joy, but boy is it worth it! I'll wrap up the episode with trip highlights and try to answer the one question everyone keeps asking, which place did I like more? 


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Self Care Spotlight

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Living Situation

South of France/Provence Activities

  • Chateau La Coste- winery to eat, drink, shop, or even stay (also includes art)

  • Chateau de Baux- Medieval Castle/Village in Provence

  • Moustiers Saint Marie Village- Where we hiked and got mid day ice cream post Verdun Gorge

  • Verdun Gorge day trip

  • Adorable Provencal town- Lourmarin

  • Bigger city to visit- Aix (pronounced “X”) en Provence

  • Look up local Provencal village market days

Paris Activities

  • Paris Airbnb Experiences Photographer- booked 1 hour Eiffel Tower shoot day before we left for $139.

  • Saint Chapelle-Chapel of stained glass built in 1248

  • Versailles (you’ll need 6-8 hours, closed on Mondays)

  • Eiffel Tower sparkle show at night

  • Use the electric scooters by downloading the apps once you’re there! so fun!

  • La Conciergerie- Where Antoinette was held in prison

  • The Lourve (give yourself plenty of time)

  • Holly Belly Cafe and Hardware Society- big Aussie breakfasts + oat milk!

  • Bistrot 65 for a typical French breakfast (order Le Parisian)

Hot Travel Tips:

  1. Try to book directly through the airlines so you don’t have a middle man like Expedia should there be any issues.

  2. Def get flight insurance if there isn’t a refund policy because you just never know.

  3. Check your passport expiration date! Duh! And know that your passport name must EXACTLY match your ticket name to a tee. No mistakes, no nicknames.

  4. We flew into Paris and took a 3 hour train down to Provence because it was cheaper than flying into Marseille in the south of France.

  5. We booked a rental car to pick up at the Aix en Provence train station. We used an affordable european company called Euro Car rather something like Hertz.

  6. You’ll def want a rental car to drive all over the south of France, and don’t worry its pretty easy to drive around.

  7. Get all of your sight seeing done earlier in the trip so that on the last day you can just relax.

  8. Only use credit cards, not bank cards UNLESS you are withdrawing money, they use your bank card to avoid fees.

  9. You HAVE to let your bank/credit card know that you are leaving the country so they don’t turn off your cards.

  10. In any country, make sure you at least know how to say basic greetings and salutations, know how to order food, and how to ask where is the bathroom. They’ll appreciate you trying!

  11. Have an idea of places you want to see but be flexible. Don’t bog yourself down with a strict itinerary.

  12. Google top places to eat once you get there.

  13. Utilize the metro in Paris or the electric scooters. Do NOT rent a car or take Ubers. Traffic is terrible and they drive a little scary!

  14. Lastly, get ready to roll with the crazy and accept that there will be moments of stress, but remember, everything is figureoutable.