#81 Dance as Embodiment, Expression and Empowerment with The Strut Club

Why does dancing feel so cathartic, how is it a spiritual practice, how does dance or a dance class differ from the experience of yoga, how can we get over the fear of being seen and owning our sensuality, femininity, and body, and why is this SO life-affirming not only for you, but for EVERYONE, especially right now? The right of a woman to have a say in what happens to her own body is being debated as we speak in the US, and India Dania, creator of the empowered embodiment dance class, The Strut Club, and I, were very much aware of that during this recording. I want you to FEEL this conversation so much that you do something with it. That maybe you make energetic moves in your life or you physically move your body without shame, guilt, embarrassment, or judgment. Whether that’s shaking it by yourself in your living room, in a dance class, or posting a video on Instagram. My woman crush India believes that you were born to dance and that movement really is soul medicine, so get to it. You’re so beautiful when you own it. And remember, your movement is a part of a bigger movement. 


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Alyssa speaking at Conquer Your Queendom Conference with her specs!

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