#80 Unapologetic Courageous Living and Rejection with Kate Swoboda

“Fearing rejection from others, we reject ourselves.” That’s the kind of wisdom you can expect in this episode with author of The Courage Habit and Director of the Courageous Living Coach Certification, Kate Swoboda, who has also been featured in MindBodyGreen and Forbes. Kate proclaimed that she was feeling feisty during this interview and her realness truly shines on issues like fear of rejection and how the life coaching/self help industry can be seen as not a real career or naive. This was a wise, deep conversation. I know you’ll feel fired up like I did and ready to shine your light and stand fiercely in your courage, despite the haters and despite your fears, which Kate has no interest in crushing. In fact, she wants you to mindfully move through your fears. Let’s dive in.

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