#77 Slow Living: How to Practically Embrace Simplicity and Live Fuller in a Frantic World with Brooke McAlary

How do you live “slow” in a fast-paced world? How can you possibly keep up if you’re moving slow? What would a good minimalist do? In one of my favorite conversations to date, I sit down with Brooke McAlary, author of SLOW: Simple Living for a Frantic World and The Slow Home Podcast co-host, to discuss what slow living actually looks in modern society.

We talk about key simple living topics, such as decluttering, going small, and even using the body as an entry point for this lifestyle (think yoga). We also discuss common concerns that often crop up, such as keeping with the Joneses, comparison, shoulding on yourself, and finding time for slow. Ironically enough, many of us end up feeling like we’re not doing a good enough job at slow living, or minimalism as an extension, and in doing so, suck the joy and original intentions out of this simplistic lifestyle.

As Brooke describes, slow living is a lot of paradoxes. It’s about caring more and caring less. Having more and having less. By the end of this conversation, you’ll have essential wisdom and key questions to ask yourself to slowwwly embrace this lovely way of living more fully AND simply.


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