Self Care Calendar

This is about putting self care on the agenda and making it a part of your daily life, in big ways and in small ways. Think "sustainable" self care.


OPTION 1) Plan. At the beginning of your day, week, or month tentatively plan out how you will build self care into your schedule. Maybe it's planning out your yoga or choosing which days feel best for you to meditate. Or maybe you block off an entire afternoon to intentionally sit down and read or take a bath. You do you. 


OPTION 2) Tracker. At the end of the day track what you did for yourself. It's like the "How did I take care of myself today?" list. Perhaps one day it's yoga, hiking, and biking, but another day it's as simple as I went to bed early and meditated for five minutes. Every day is different, but every day is deserving of self care. At the end of the day/week/month, you'll have a snap shot of how you did. (I prefer this option)

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