When Spirituality Feels at Odds With Your Humanness

Have you ever had a thought like this?

“If I were really a spiritual person then I would….” OR “If I had deeper faith then I wouldn’t…”


You can have deep spiritual faith AND be deeply angry, sad or hurt. Your spirituality doesn’t have to be at odds with your humanness.

When my 3.5 year old golden doodle, Luna, lost her battle to kidney disease on March 6, 2019, I felt levels of sadness that I had never experienced before. I also felt anger and guilt. I felt cheated. I felt she was cheated. “She’s too young. This wasn’t fair.”

To some, she was just a dog, but for me, she was my first real responsibility as a caretaker since my husband and I got her when she was 8 weeks old. She was there through the very worst of times when my husband and I broke off our engagement and I moved out, all the way to the very happiest of times when we got married in July 2018. She was at the center of our relationship and she brought us endless amounts of pure joy. She was the life of the party and the best off-leash hiking buddy.

So seeing such a light literally die out, was deeply traumatizing. Taking care of her sickness day-in-and-day-out was deeply traumatizing. Witnessing her lose 20 pounds was traumatizing. Having moments of hope break your heart was deeply traumatizing.

There will be times when you are in a negative head space, but that doesn’t inherently mean you’re not spiritual or lack faith because you can’t bring a smile to your face.

This is a lesson I am investigating within myself and unpacking all the shoulding, sadness and guilt surrounding my human emotions and feelings which at times feel at odds with how I think a spiritual person would/should act. 

Shouldn’t I be more accepting? Non-attachment, right?

Shouldn’t I know that I’ll see her again someday? 

Shouldn’t I know she’s still with me in spirit and let that be enough? 

Or maybe for you it’s…

If I had more faith then I wouldn’t be so disappointed that I didn’t get that job.

If I were really a spiritual person then I wouldn’t be jealous.

If I were more spiritual then I wouldn’t be so angry about this diagnosis.

The short answer. Your feelings are just as valid as your faith. Notice them.

As I’m sitting here writing this at a coffee shop, a gentlemen lovingly takes care of his paraplegic son, and I can’t help but assume that at times he has had these kinds of thoughts. But the fact of the matter is, we ARE spiritual beings having a human experience.

As spiritual beings, we have the power to give ourselves grace in moments of humanness. This is essential to liberating ourselves.

Moksha. Moksha. Moksha. {freedom, liberation}

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Self Care Spotlight

Podcast Episode #79

Have Faith in Your Fears

Have Faith in Your Fears

Whoever said that you should be fearless is a liar. 

Fear is innate to humans when we are in survival mode, and it is essential when we are about to do something bigger than we have ever done before. When you're about to grow and expand into who you were truly meant to be. 

Fear is brick and mortar.


The idea of fear being a bad thing is when you enact faithless fear, and the opposite is when you unleash and honor faith-based fear.

Fear that is faithless is daunting and scary and down right terrifying.

It renders you stagnant. 

It's giving up when you're just about to have a breakthrough.

It's settling for doing what you're good at, instead of what you love. 

It's staying in a relationship that is safe because you don't think it can get any better. It's lack of superpowers enacted; it's lack of Trust.

Fear that is faith-based, however, is life changing. 

This fear moves us ahead in life, it faces forward, it brings us closer to our Truth. 

You are afraid of the unknown.

But you are secure in knowing that everything is going to work out.

It's standing at the edge of a cliff and someones told you that your dreams lay at the bottom, all dressed up and waiting for you to join the party. 

All you have to do is leap. 

Easy, right? No. 

But easier because you know the Universe is supporting you and nudging you along. Because you have Faith. 

Fearless? No. Human? Yes. Afraid? Yes. Strong? Yes. Trusting? Yes. 

Respect your fears and infuse them with faith.

*Piece originally written for The Daily Guru 2015


Courage and Fear are two sides of the same coin, so to enact our Courage, we must choose Faith over Fear.

JD Journal Prompt: When it comes to my Faith, I know this to be true...

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Organizing Your 2019 Monthly Oracle Card Spread {+ free worksheet}

Screen Shot 2019-01-04 at 2.35.22 PM.png

Want some guidance and inspiration for the New Year ahead? Duh.

As we move into 2019 with this awkward space between this year and the next, it’s actually a wonderful time to bust out your favorite oracle/tarot cards and do your 2019 card reading spread. Not sure exactly how? No worries.

That’s why I’ve created a beautiful, printable how-to worksheet for you to organize your 2019 card pull spread that weaves journaling into the mix. And bonus? You’ve got two worksheet options! See below.

So why do a 2019 monthly reading? To be honest, it’s one of my favorite card readings to do, aside from daily pulls, because I truly feel that it helps provide some clarity as to where the year is going.

It’s like you’re sitting down with your team of angels and spirit guides for an intuitive coaching session.

My 2018 pulls were pretty on point, and I loved looking back every month to see what my pull was and then take it to my journal for some reflective journaling on how the card’s theme showed up for me that month or if I didn’t really feel it. And I think that’s an important point to make because as Rebecca Campbell states, “You are the oracle.” So much of what you pull and how you interpret it is up to you. You know you better than anyone.

And what if you pull a card and that month it just doesn’t align with what’s going on in your life? No worries, that happens. Why? I believe it’s because you have free will. Just because you pull something in late December/early January doesn’t mean that you can’t make a decision that will totally change your course in June. That’s called free will, and I’m a firm believer in walking the line between choice and meant to be. Call it a paradox, I call it life.

Here’s to a guided 2019.

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Why We're Obsessed With the Goddess

Originally posted May 30, 2018

If you’re in the woo space, then you certainly have heard of the Goddess aka Shakti, Divine Feminine, Kundalini Rising, Mata Shakti, etc. She comes in various forms and names, but for our purposes today, I’m most interested in why we are so intrigued by this divine entity. 

Why do we love “Goddess” so much?

We see Her name blasted on t-shirts, coffee cups, as the subject of best-selling books,  and in hashtags. Heck, She was even the fan voted theme of our Goddess Edition Journal Deck. So what’s the obsession about? And why do we feel so called to Her right now?

I think there is one very clear answer that sticks out in my mind. We love the Goddess because She represents a part of us that we are spiritually aware of even if we are unaware of it on the surface level. She embodies a part of us that has been pushed down for centuries in exchange for Patriarchy to rule over the Mother. But something in our bones tells us that She is there residing within us, waiting to be tapped again. Waiting to Rise within each of us and take Her place.

Looking back into ancient history we can see the Goddess taking center stage in the hearts and daily life of societies, such as the gentle Minoans: “Europe’s mother goddess culture grew to its climax on the Mediterranean island of Crete in the second millennium BC.”  (independent.co.uk

Now I’m not writing this to hate on men or say that Matriarchy should rule over Patriarchy, but just as Rebecca Campbell alludes to in Rise Sister Rise, “the future is female” is not about women rising over men, but rather matriarchal values and women rising to take their rightful place next to the Divine Masculine so that both may be equal players in society as a whole. We need both energetic qualities to thrive as humans and as a greater society. 

We need to take action AND surrender. 

We need to do AND be. 

We need to leap AND trust. 

We need to be strong AND soft.

We need to be practical AND intuitive.

We need to be self-serving AND compassionate. 

Leading from the masculine has gotten us into a mess right here in the United States with Donald Trump being elected President and fear leading over love. It has also gotten Western women to the point that they are leading from their Yang masculine energy and have all but forgotten how to embrace their Yin feminine energy. 

And that’s why we love the Goddess! 

Because we know deep down that tapping into Her is the only way to embrace our fullness and wholeness in this human life and is the only way for society to do the same. Otherwise we will always be off balance and end up burnt out and building walls.

So we pull tarot cards, we wear flower crowns, we go to sister circles, we dance around fires, we go to festivals, we wear mala beads, we stuff crystals in our bras, we align our chakras, we do all the things to channel the Goddess and touch Her once again. To feel feel Her presence in our cells and remember our innate divinity. And like anything, we can go overboard with the woo, so here’s a simple tip that requires nothing but an open mind: 

I invite you to vigorously rub your hands together right at your heart space for about 45 seconds. Then gently stop and peel your hands a part just slightly, no more than 1/2 an inch. Can you feel that? Maybe it’s a little buzz, tingles, or heat between your hands. That’s your divinity. That’s your Goddess. 

Rediscover the Goddess within and embrace your feminine radiance with 52 ready-made journal prompts. 


Are the People Around You Asleep?

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Originally posted May 3, 2017

When you read this at first glance, maybe you are thinking actual sleeping, but I'm really referring to how consciously, mindfully, and intentionally the people around you are living their life. Why should you care? Because their sleepiness can directly effects you. 

As Allie @thejourneyjunkie puts it in the latest podcast episode"Most people go home, sit on the couch, and watch some more sleepy shit on the tv. Then they go to bed, wake up, and go to their designated space in the world."  Repeat.

Being an awake person is the opposite of this humdrum routine. Being awake is about knowing who you are and living life on purpose. But sometimes it's really hard to live this kind of a life when the people around you aren't exactly supportive or even in the same ball park as you when it comes to mindset.

Ever heard the saying, "You are the 5 people you spend the most time with?" Well, it honestly holds a lot of weight because think about it, the people that you continually spend the most time with are going to rub off on you in some way, no matter how hard you try to bubble wrap yourself, especially if they are a negative Nancy or pissy Paul.

So who do you spend the most time with? Would you consider them an awake or asleep person? Now how might their mindset and way of living be effecting your outlook on life and your motivations to live a conscious life? <--This is a great journaling prompt! 


You've gotta put yourself out there and find the people who get you. Who think like you. You gotta find your tribe and love em' up! These are the people who will recenter you when the rest of the world is trying to take you spinning with them, even if it's unintentional. (Also, boundaries help, but that's a whole different blog post!) 

Listen to Allie’s episode