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Our Redesign Process: Choosing Purple


This was perhaps the most obvious color to include in JD’s new look because it was so strongly a part of the first edition design and overall brand when we began in 2017. Purple has never been one of those colors that I wear a lot or am very drawn to (unless it’s a pale purple), but for 2 major reasons I ultimately felt that it was essential to keep purple in this makeover. .

One, since it was included in our first edition designs, it felt necessary to keep some semblance of the previous look in the makeover. I thought it would keep some familiarity in the product to customers and followers. Change can be tough, as we know. 

My second major reason didn’t have to do with logistics, but more so with energetics. I knew that I always associated purple with the mystical world. And although I wanted to steer clear of feeling “unicorn,” as I said in a previous post, I felt it was vital to bring in a modern mystical vibe for a product that’s essentially journaling oracle card style

Sure enough, when I researched the meanings, I found all these beautiful words you see here, and you’ll see sprinkles of dark purple and lighter purple accents throughout the OG Deck and the website. 

Are you glad we kept some purple? Are you a purple fan?  Let us know on Instagram.

Our Redesign Process: Choosing Orange


Orange wasn’t at all a part of our first edition designs. While the color we discussed in our last blog post, pink, was included in the first edition Goddess Deck, orange was no where to be found. But something about the contrast of pinks and oranges really appealed to me. Orange is the color of the sacral chakra in yoga, which represents our passion and creativity.

The passion and creativity that went into this redesign is the kind of energy that I wanted to infuse into all who work with The Journal Deck. But even more than that, when I started researching the meaning of the color orange, I found these beautiful words that evoked imagery that just felt SO on point for what I wanted people to feel while using our decks.

The word Balance in particular, felt really good to me. I don’t believe in perfect balance, and I think it’s a fallacy to ever fully achieve in your external life areas as it’s more about shifting priorities from moment to moment, but I do believe that balancing your internal being, the mind, body and spirit, is a worthwhile intention and what I teach in yoga. I believe journaling can help you find moments of clarified balance, or at the very least see where you’re very off balance.

The other key words like vitality, expansion, warm and energy felt ALIVE. I want people to draw vitality from their journaling by better understanding themselves. I want journalers to write about their expansive dreams and believe it can happen. I want people to eagerly come to their journals like a warm blanket. I want people to learn to tap into where they are energetically at any given time by writing it out.

From the bright orange of the OG Deck to the soft sherbet of the Goddess Deck, orange you glad I chose this color? (Had to do it!)

Our Redesign Process: Choosing Pink

pink (1).png

It was clear to me pretty quickly that pink HAD to be one of our primary branding colors. Why? Because I love pink! Aside from that, our target audience is women, and although I don’t want to play into gender stereotypes, I’m a pink girl, and I felt that as the creator, to bring in the feminine look and feel that I was going for, there needed to be a heavy dollop of pink.

But not your bubble gum pink. Think a deep rose pink for website accents and a beautiful pale pink for the Goddess Edition. Shades of pink that felt ethereal, light and femme. Pinks that had impact and softness. This is what I came up with.

OG Deck  + Goddess Edition Deck

OG Deck + Goddess Edition Deck

Goddess Edition Deck -awaken the femme

Goddess Edition Deck-awaken the femme

Our Re-design Process: Choosing Brand Colors

First edition design versus second edition design.

First edition design versus second edition design.

When I sat down to redo The Journal Deck design, I tossed around lots of different color choices. At one point I thought I would stay in a similar color family with the teals and purples and just change the font because I thought changing colors would just be FAR too drastic for a brand to do successfully. .

I feared people would be confused and wouldn’t recognize us anymore. I feared people would HATE the color change and want purely mystical colors, such as what we had. .

But ultimately, the colors felt…off to me. Because they didn’t feel like me anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against the teal and purple combo, and I think they’re great colors…but not for my products.

I started describing them as too “unicorn,” and as the creator that felt disjointed from my essence and what I wanted to evoke through my products.. So much so, that even on my personal biz page @alyssakuzins I didn’t want to post pictures of JD because it felt like it wasn’t representing my energy. That’s not good, right? .

Everything I do on my personal biz page is in shades of pink/mauves/tan and pops of yellow and in the summer orange, which also happens to be my favorite season (Leo over here).

So when I got right to it, I decided that in order to create a “modern yet mystical” look and feel, I needed to keep some purple, but pop the rest with pinks, oranges and yellows. And you know what? THIS feels like Alyssa. This feels like what I want to put into the world.

Despite the fact that now, aesthetically speaking, it feels slightly immature and one-dimensional, I’m so grateful for the first edition designs because they got me here. Looking back, the ombre was an easier design for a first time product compared to this new, more complex geode style, but I know that you have to crawl before you can walk, let alone run. But now, we’re ready to run for miles.

What do you guys think of the new colors for the OG Deck? Please share with me on Instagram as I would sincerely LOVE to hear your feedback!