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Our Redesign Process: Choosing Purple


This was perhaps the most obvious color to include in JD’s new look because it was so strongly a part of the first edition design and overall brand when we began in 2017. Purple has never been one of those colors that I wear a lot or am very drawn to (unless it’s a pale purple), but for 2 major reasons I ultimately felt that it was essential to keep purple in this makeover. .

One, since it was included in our first edition designs, it felt necessary to keep some semblance of the previous look in the makeover. I thought it would keep some familiarity in the product to customers and followers. Change can be tough, as we know. 

My second major reason didn’t have to do with logistics, but more so with energetics. I knew that I always associated purple with the mystical world. And although I wanted to steer clear of feeling “unicorn,” as I said in a previous post, I felt it was vital to bring in a modern mystical vibe for a product that’s essentially journaling oracle card style

Sure enough, when I researched the meanings, I found all these beautiful words you see here, and you’ll see sprinkles of dark purple and lighter purple accents throughout the OG Deck and the website. 

Are you glad we kept some purple? Are you a purple fan?  Let us know on Instagram.