Have Faith in Your Fears

Have Faith in Your Fears

Whoever said that you should be fearless is a liar. 

Fear is innate to humans when we are in survival mode, and it is essential when we are about to do something bigger than we have ever done before. When you're about to grow and expand into who you were truly meant to be. 

Fear is brick and mortar.


The idea of fear being a bad thing is when you enact faithless fear, and the opposite is when you unleash and honor faith-based fear.

Fear that is faithless is daunting and scary and down right terrifying.

It renders you stagnant. 

It's giving up when you're just about to have a breakthrough.

It's settling for doing what you're good at, instead of what you love. 

It's staying in a relationship that is safe because you don't think it can get any better. It's lack of superpowers enacted; it's lack of Trust.

Fear that is faith-based, however, is life changing. 

This fear moves us ahead in life, it faces forward, it brings us closer to our Truth. 

You are afraid of the unknown.

But you are secure in knowing that everything is going to work out.

It's standing at the edge of a cliff and someones told you that your dreams lay at the bottom, all dressed up and waiting for you to join the party. 

All you have to do is leap. 

Easy, right? No. 

But easier because you know the Universe is supporting you and nudging you along. Because you have Faith. 

Fearless? No. Human? Yes. Afraid? Yes. Strong? Yes. Trusting? Yes. 

Respect your fears and infuse them with faith.

*Piece originally written for The Daily Guru 2015


Courage and Fear are two sides of the same coin, so to enact our Courage, we must choose Faith over Fear.

JD Journal Prompt: When it comes to my Faith, I know this to be true...

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