Our Redesign Process: Choosing Pink

pink (1).png

It was clear to me pretty quickly that pink HAD to be one of our primary branding colors. Why? Because I love pink! Aside from that, our target audience is women, and although I don’t want to play into gender stereotypes, I’m a pink girl, and I felt that as the creator, to bring in the feminine look and feel that I was going for, there needed to be a heavy dollop of pink.

But not your bubble gum pink. Think a deep rose pink for website accents and a beautiful pale pink for the Goddess Edition. Shades of pink that felt ethereal, light and femme. Pinks that had impact and softness. This is what I came up with.

OG Deck  + Goddess Edition Deck

OG Deck + Goddess Edition Deck

Goddess Edition Deck -awaken the femme

Goddess Edition Deck-awaken the femme