Our Redesign Process: Choosing Orange


Orange wasn’t at all a part of our first edition designs. While the color we discussed in our last blog post, pink, was included in the first edition Goddess Deck, orange was no where to be found. But something about the contrast of pinks and oranges really appealed to me. Orange is the color of the sacral chakra in yoga, which represents our passion and creativity.

The passion and creativity that went into this redesign is the kind of energy that I wanted to infuse into all who work with The Journal Deck. But even more than that, when I started researching the meaning of the color orange, I found these beautiful words that evoked imagery that just felt SO on point for what I wanted people to feel while using our decks.

The word Balance in particular, felt really good to me. I don’t believe in perfect balance, and I think it’s a fallacy to ever fully achieve in your external life areas as it’s more about shifting priorities from moment to moment, but I do believe that balancing your internal being, the mind, body and spirit, is a worthwhile intention and what I teach in yoga. I believe journaling can help you find moments of clarified balance, or at the very least see where you’re very off balance.

The other key words like vitality, expansion, warm and energy felt ALIVE. I want people to draw vitality from their journaling by better understanding themselves. I want journalers to write about their expansive dreams and believe it can happen. I want people to eagerly come to their journals like a warm blanket. I want people to learn to tap into where they are energetically at any given time by writing it out.

From the bright orange of the OG Deck to the soft sherbet of the Goddess Deck, orange you glad I chose this color? (Had to do it!)