The Epidemic That's Stealing Your Purpose- Guest article for The Ladies Coach

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Originally posted April 12, 2017

Here at The Journal Deck, we are a deep believer in self care to be your best you, and that's why when I was asked to write a guest article for the acclaimed The Ladies Coach, I knew that I HAD to write about an epidemic that I see and hear about almost daily, "enoughness." 

Do you feel good enough? Do you play the comparison game?

As the creator of this CARD DECK and as a yoga teacher, one of my goals as a leader in this self help industry is to END that cycle of "I'm not good enough" to show you that you are indeed more than have EVERYTHING that you will ever need deep inside of one or nothing else can complete you. I really believe that...

And I really believe that journaling is another way to sift through those feelings of inadequacies to get to the root of why you feel that way. Sometimes the only way to get out, is to go in. 

Check out the article and also enjoy the Awareness Questions that I added in to the end of the piece that can easily be written about in your journal!