The Journal Deck is a a 52 card deck based on journal prompts that promote self care and living your Truth.

Journaling is NOT just for tweens. In fact, in today’s technology-driven world, the topics of self care and mindfulness are essential, and people are turning to journaling as a safe space to process, find clarity, get quiet and create healthy habits to live their best life. And for good reason. Journaling has been scientifically shown to benefit everything from stress and anxiety management, to boost our immune system and mood, and even heal trauma.


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Hi, I’m Alyssa.

I'm the creative engine behind this conscious product. Journaling came to me in a time of great need for peace and clarity. As a yoga + meditation teacher in Pittsburgh, PA, I believe that the trainings, workshops, conversations with clients and girlfriends, heartbreak and healing, all led me to create this product. 

In 2016 my heart was broken, but I knew that l wasn't, and I set out on a journey to self love and healing, which included journaling. Through journaling I discovered more about myself and I went to my journal whenever I needed clarity. It was my safe zone, and I have no doubt that journaling was beyond essential to leading me to who and where I am today.

So how did I get the unique idea? The idea came to me while sitting in my living room, and I thought, "Why not take the healing practice of journaling and fuse it with the inspiring and guiding ritual of pulling cards to help others navigate their lives and journaling?" And just like that, the name The Journal Deck came to mind!

I hosted a launch party and we were crowd-funded in June 2017. I used a local, eco-friendly printer (who we still use) to make our first round of decks, and the rest, as they say, is history.


With 52 journal prompts with themes from love, to self care, career, money mindset, and more, you can choose a card as a weekly or monthly ritual. Whenever you feel inspired to write! Tune in. Pick a card. Write in your journal. It’s that simple. BONUS: We now have the JD Goddess Edition Deck to tune you into your feminine essence! See FAQ

Interested in booking Alyssa for a speaking engagement or workshop?

Alyssa is available to speak on the health benefits of journaling, creating a self care lifestyle and spacious living, as well as working with women on feminine energy healing.J